To Russia With Love - Ambient Lounge style hits the Moscow & St. Petersbourg A-list

Ambient Lounge is a proudly Australian designed taking it to the World. From Copenhagen to Calgary or all the way to St Petersbourg in Russia  - the world is loving this new premium contemporary bean bag furniture - uniquely made with the innovative Ambi Spring & Funnelweb filling systems

Despite what the political news says - our friends over there is Russia are loving the chill out style. They are world-class fashionistas. The A Lounge is the leader in contemporary loungin' on te Moscow and St Petersbourg A-list scene. So it's not just a big chill outdoors! 


Our Bean Bags are the Best for Watching the World Cup - says Business Times Singapore

Our Ambient Lounge bean bags made the back cover of The Business Times in Singapore. Why? Becasue they are the ultimate World Cup luxury to survive the early-morning kick-offs (SG and Australia time)

“Watch the game like a pro couch potato with the thickly padded Tivoli sofa.” they say.

Well we sure are putting that advise into practice. We have almost seen every game this month with very little sleep indeed.



Satellite of Love - a Twin Luxury Bean Bag for the Northern Summer

The New Ambient Lounge Satellite Sofa Twin Bean bag is ourdoor furniture perfection. With thick quilting and a massive cloud-like seting area, you will be soaking up every available northern hemisphere ray this summer on the balcony, poolside, garden or patio. It's a waterproof canvas fabric that is fully washable and UV resistant fo fading.

Then when the cooler weather finally sets in, clean it up and bring it inside. It's sooooo comfy that you'll probably have a few afternoon naps on it. 

Hotels and commerical projects can contact us on 


Ambient Lounge designs the World Best Home Cinema Bean Bag Lounge

As our lifestyles change, so should our furniture. Living rooms should evolve to suit our needs, moods, feelings and function.

This is the era of Home Cinema and internet TV.  It's the era of diminishing leisure time that we need to make the most of when we have it.

Big, High resolution screen, thunderous surround Dolby sounds with bass, 3 D vision, changing angles, multi lingual options, backlighting. Everything you could want from an audio visual perspective.

We spend thousands to get our Main Home Cinema living space right so it's up close and very personal ... so why are you still sitting on that hard, uncomfortable sofa.

Talk about not putting the cherry on top of the perfect cake?

Well have a furniture re-think. Designer bean bags by @ambientlounge offer Gold Class comforts. None more so than the new release Avatar Sofa.

It's the bean bag version of the Hollywood red carpet. Royalty for your lumbar.

Sitting is believing! From $299 it's a small investment as a jewel in your home cinema crown.




Ambient Lounge Rockin' the Houzz

Social media is such a part of the business landscape these days, it's hard to keep up with all the tsunami news on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr et al.

That's why it's nice to have a social media medum that is industry specific and with a more personal touch.

Our design team have been adding a few of our ideas and projects on the Houzz platform. Well worth a look if you need some ideas and inspiration for interior design, home decor  or architecture.


Have a cozy, comfy and merry Christmas from the Ambient Lounge Group

To all our wonderful customers, good friends and their families all around the globe... whether you are in Dubai, London, Dusseldorf, Montreal, Melbourne, Seoul, Singapore or New York.....we wish you all a happy, safe, and magical Christmas 2013.

Please take some time to relax with your loved ones in total comfort this holiday break and we hope it's a cozy and stress-free time for you all leading into the new year.

Yours Sincerely, The Ambient Lounge International Group.

Ambient Lounge Korea set to add more store locations in early 2014...


DECEMBER 2013: On the back of a highly successful year where Ambient Lounge have been indexed in the top 15 brands of the furniture market in Korea, Asia's biggest retailer LOTTE have agreed to open up areas of some key department stores to the growing brand. With exposure on multiple Korean dramas, K-Pop star endorsements, interior designer testimonials and commercial  high profile projects such as the Samsung head office brainstorm room - Ambient Lounge Korea are forging ahead with innovative styles that hit a key chord with the upwardly mobile and highly fashion conscious young Korean market.

Ambient Lounge bean bag furniture uses a premium quality of fabric that stands alone in this category of furniture. Coupled with the Ambi-Spring structure and designer shapes and a few new styles about to be launched, the year 2014 shapes to be the best yet.

Korean customers can visit for more information or choose from many of Ambient Lounge's retail partners such as Hyundai Department Stores, 11th St, Auction and now (coming soon) Lotte.

Germanys love an Ambient Lounge Sitzsack für die Lounge. Truly the 'Porche' of bean bag furniture.

No longer are our bean bags the best kept secret in Germany. Our friends from Berlin to Cologne can purchase Ambient Lounge bean bag furniture (known locally as a sitzsack) online, delivered directly to their homes. Don't expect a big shapeless blob though. Our beanbags are not like a traditional lumbering Sitzsack or a Fatboy. Ambient Lounge designer products have form, style and shape that should be appreciated by Germans who have an eye for quality and engineering. You could say that Ambient Lounge bean bags are the BMW or Porche of the sitzsack world! Products such as the Butterfly Sofa and Twin Couch are made with the finest quality fabrics to look fantastic and perform at the highest level. They have the patented funnelweb filling system and there is nothing truly like them. That's why our product sit in 5 star hotels and designer loft apartments the world over. 

Ambient Lounge Germany are building a new comprehensive multi-lingual website for 2014 that will be on the URL. However, in the meantime you may purchase most of the Ambient Lounge collection via our local distributor's Ambient Lounge sitzsack website. So to all our German friends, please enjoy a beautiful designer Sitzsäcke für die Lounge and order an Ambient Lounge now.


Young Ambient Lounge® Designers Launch the PiMP® brand in selected markets.

We at the Ambient Lounge®group realise that not everyone needs (or can afford) the world's best quality interior and outdoor fabrics. Not everyone has a designer house or apartment and not everyone can mix and match furniture as they please. The Ambient Lounge® brand is designed with the sophistication of contemporary interiors design and hotel quality outdoor furniture. For some consumers, this can be a little out of reach.   

Our youngest team of interior designers wanted to do something about that. In 2012 they reached out to a different market with something out of the box. The PiMP®bean bag brand was born out of the need for high quality design and performance, at a more budget price and with a little bit more bold colour and brazen attitude. It's a brand designed for teenagers, students and young professionals who have a little bit more fun with their furniture and take the functional aspects of comfort, price and practicality as more important parts of their purchase decision. The PiMP®brand is cool - but it doesn't take itself too seriously in the interior design world.

Check it out on PiMP®bean bags are now available in selected markets such as Russia, Korea, Australia, Singapore, the UK and Canada. PiMP®up your pad!

PiMP bean bag - VIP gangsta black

Pictured Above - PiMP®VIP Air Mesh Set in Gangsta Black.


Like (or comment on) our Ambient Lounge Facebook page and Win!

Ambient Lounge are proud to launch the beautiful new Satellite Twin Luxury Sofa in September 2013. Win on now! You can be the first in the world to own an Ambient Lounge Satellite Twin Sofa indoor/outdoor bean bag by simply liking or commenting of our Ambient Lounge Facebook Page during August 2013. Winners will be drawn on September 1.

The advantages of liking our Facebook page won't just be the chance of winning an awesome  prize, periodically there will be special exclusive offers from our distributors in each country which could have you owning one or more of our fantastic bean bag sofas and accessories. You can keep up with our world leading innovation and design.

The Satellite Twin Bean Bag Sofa is uber sized, quilted, fully waterproof and is a revelation in comfort for balcony, poolside, garden, patio contemporary outdoor spaces. It's also such a stunning fabric and colour palate that its suitable to come indoors for playrooms, living rooms and conservatories. With a huge 110cm width and 150cm depth it's big enough for a few people to lounge - but also amazingly comfortable when you want to chill out solo. Who

ever sits on one will want one! 

These Ambient Lounge Satellite Twin Sofas will initially be available in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the UK. European customers may contact the Ambient Lounge UK Office for more details.

The elegant zip side pockets are also a nice touch for waterproof storage and the natural slope allows you to spread out in a cloud of weightless comfort. So jump on our Facebook page during August 2013 and get yourself in the draw to win one.

Ambient Lounge announces a new website, new International Distributors and fresh new interior colours for 2013.


Ambient Lounge are proud to have launched their new global website earlier this month, in conjunction with the release of many new products such as the Tivoli Sofa and the Tech Pillow.

The Ambient Lounge group supply designer bean bag products throughout the world and you can see your closest dealer via the Global Page. We now deliver our beautifully unique bean bag furniture to the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan and throughout the Middle East.

Wherever in the world you are, chances are that you can experience an Ambient Lounge bean bag. From 5 star hotels, commerical residences, schools, cinemas and contemporary living rooms - Ambient Lounge sofas are ubiquitous and providing premium confort and relaxing pleasure.

The release of our new season interior colours, Tundra Spring, Blue Jazz and Lime Citrus have added a freshness in the range that will brighten up any abode.

Below Pictured: Tivoli Sofa in Mode Red.

Ambient Lounge Russia - available from Moscow to Siberia - красивые кресла-мешки

Ambient Lounge Russia was born in late 2012, with our 'Ruski' friends launching our designer bean bag products at the Moscow Furniture Fair last November. 

From Moscow to St Petersbourg and all the way to Siberia Ambient Lounge bean bags are available both online and with local retail dealers. For all Russians that are looking for high class, luxury bean bags, they can shop online here at Ambient Lounge Russia

When it gets cold outside there is nothing more cozy than a bowl of borscht and a русский Стандарт vodka on the Versa Table, with a beautiful young lady on the Butterfly Sofa (pictured below).

Ambient Lounge Butterfly Sofa bean bag and Versa Table (Eco Weave)

So let's say Nasdarovya and welcome to our new distribution partners. For Russian contact details please visit our global page.


Kiwis launch their new website - Ambient Lounge New Zealand now merge with Australian team.

Down in beautiful New Zealand they have a very easy paced lifestyle. It's clean, it's spacious, it's absolutely pure. Maybe it's this chilled out lifestyle that contributed to the Kiwis still yet to launch the new version of the Ambient Lounge website - featuring the ground-breaking gold class range.

Finally our Kiwi customers can order from the local Auckland based beads distributor both online and at boutique retail locations. Designer bean bags really suit the Kiwis. Whether they are chilling out on their balcony's or boats or just in their backyard they are generally revelling in the great outdoors. Why wouldn't they with some of the world's most untouched scenery? When the winter sets in it can get cold out in Aeoteorea ... so snuggle up on a butterfly sofa with a premium warm fabric and a fireplace and it couldn't get any cozier. With such a lot of space out there, better to fill your place with premium bean bag furniture. Watch the All Blacks hammer the Aussies at rugby and have a beer with all your mates in true style.

For all you Kiwis please check out the new website on or call the NZ office toll free on 0800 LOUNGE (0800 568 643). They'll be happy to help.

Business update June 2013: Ambient Lounge New Zealand have now merged with the Australian operation. Details to follow shortly.

Sitzsack - It's German for bean bag!

The Wikipdia defines a Sitzsack as " Ein Sitzsack ist ein Sitzmöbel . Er besteht aus einer Hülle aus weichem Material (etwa Leder oder Stoff) und einer Füllung aus Schaumpolystyrol -Kügelchen oder Schaumpolystyrol . Hierdurch kann er seine Form an die Person anpassen, die auf ihm sitzt.

Does that make sense to you? Nah.... Us either .... But one thing that we do know is that Germans, despite their famed intense industriousness, love bean bags as furniture more than almost any other country. From Berlin to Dusseldorf, the Sitzsack is king in German households and it has become particularly the furniture of choice of its millions of University students. With German apartments of larger size on average, floorboards and high ceilings - it's little wonder why bean bags are highly suitable to that environment. The fact that premium 'structured' bean bags are much more affordable than traditional furniture makes them a great alternative, now that we have made them with highest quality fabrics.

Whether watching Lucas Podolski firing another goal past England or chilling out in one of their city 'beach bars' Germans love to lounge around and they also appreciate great quality products and workmanship. That's why it's fantastic news that Ambient Lounge Germany is about to launch their new European website and stores that will cater for quality furniture shoppers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and some regions of Holland.

Achtung comfort lovers! The new look German-based website coming soon.

(Below pictured a Scene from HouseDerKunst in Germany. Revelllers enjoy lounging on Ambient Lounge bean bags)

Ambient Lounge - New Website and pioneering direction for bean bag furniture

The Ambient Lounge group continues to innovate and set the bar higher for bean bag furniture. Once the maligned sacco (invented in Italy in the 1960's) was not taken seriously as furniture, largely because of the poor quality fabrics and lack of support and stability. Ambient Lounge have re-written the rules with bean bags of shape, form and beautiful boutique fabrics.

Comparing Ambient Lounge with traditional bean bags is the true case of beauty vs beast.

Introducing the Gold Class Bean Bag Range to the World

Introducing a revolution in bean bag furniture ... 
At Ambient Lounge® the evolution of bean bag furniture is not only continuing, but escalating at breakneck speed. Their Australian-led design team are creating innovative contemporary bean bag furniture for indoors and outdoors, now famous worldwide. 
The new Gold Class range combines high-end fabrics, internal elastics, thick quilting and special multi-bead compartments to keep the form and shape in your bean bag; whilst still retaining the amazing comfort of bead filling. It is the hundreds of internal elastic points that make these bean bags special. Hand made and measured with great precision, these elastics are meticulously designed to give the bean bags structure and offering far superior back support than this type of furniture has done in the past.  Sitting is believing!
So much so that at the 2010 Maison Objet trade show in Paris, where they were officially launched, many expert furniture people actually thought they contained an internal structure. The Europeans fell in love with them instantly.
Home Cinema Furniture? Can't beat designer bean bags.
With technology becoming so affordable now, most contemporary abodes are setting up high class Home Cinema/entertainment areas – so it’s important that we can all enjoy these things in true comfort. The gold Class range allows you to kick back in luxury and replace your more traditional furniture without compromising at all on the style. This type of modern furniture is ideal for contemporary spaces and are favourites with young professionals and families. 
For those that always wanted the comforts of bean bags but care about aesthetics – the new Gold Class range is for you. Affordable luxury with premium fabrics and finishing, once you own one you may not ever want to sit on traditional lounge furniture again. 
This new range only has a very limited stock availability for launch. Email us on for more info.