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Conversion Lounger Bean Bags - Aubergine Dream


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Ambient Lounge® Conversion Lounger - Aubergine Dream

Is it a chair, is it a lounger? The best part of this bean bag sofa is that you make the call. Live the dream and slip into this beanbag chair. This lounger's design provides unrivaled back support in the bean bag furniture industry. Looking for a laid back afternoon or a comfortable work chair, this bean bag has style and class all in one. Great for children’s playrooms and living rooms, this is one reverie that you will not want to wake up from. This fabric is tough and beautiful to the touch; with its two-tone double weave, this fabric will become a fabric to you and your guests. Using our Funnelweb fill system, you can easily empty and wash this comfy chair’s tactile fabric if it ever gets dirty. Ever dreamt of comfort, practicality, and design all in one chair? Here you go; you are welcome.

Colour Description

Our designers chose this gorgeous fabric for its unique two-tone light and dark Aubergine swirl with a deep purple undertone. Goes great with shades of light grey, blacks, and neutrals (whites).

Fabric Composition & Description

Extremely soft and tactile on the surface and backed with TC to give it extra strength and body for hard wear and form. This super thick sofa weave is sure to give you a lush seating experience.

40% Viscose, 60% Polyester, 560g/m weight.



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