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Conversion Lounger Bean Bags - Eco Weave


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Ambient Lounge® Conversion Lounger - Eco Weave

Ever thought about purchasing beanbag chairs but haven’t been convinced that it will satisfy your every comfort… Well let this multi-functional bean bag lounger will weave comfort into your life... We guarantee you will be converted. Whether you want to stretch out or sit up high, this Eco Weave Conversion Lounger will meet your every need. Sprawl out and watch a movie or cuddle up with a good book, this lounger’s cushy bean bag comfort will have you completing everything in one sitting. This chair should come with a comfort warning: occupants should gather everything they need before sitting down, because this is one chair you will not want to get out of. Looking for a more productive afternoon, flip the second cushion under the first, for a supportive, upright sitting position. We do not want to be too preachy, but our customers will attest that this bean bag conversion lounger is simply beauty and comfort all in one.

Colour Description

This wonderful color weave is made of interwoven cream and tan fibres with a subtle black base. Sneak a peak at the swatch above and start Converting your interior living space. Goes well with all interior colour schemes.

Fabric Composition & Description

This is a heavyweight, soft and extremely durable fabric. A fabric that is made for high end sofas, the Eco Weave is far superior in quality to standard bean bag fabric material.

40% polyester, 35% acrylic, 25% cotton. 610gm weight.


  • 2 x Safety Locking YKK Zips 2 x Safety Locking YKK Zips
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Premium Sofa Weave Premium Sofa Weave

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