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Conversion Lounger Bean Bags - Wildberry


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Ambient Lounge® Conversion Lounger - Wildberry

Lie flat, sit up, you can go wild with this Conversion Lounger. The second cushion forms a sturdy base if you are looking to sit upright, or lay it flat for some relaxing downtime. “Easy as pie, you say?” Converting this lounger is for sur as easy as some good ol’ fashion homemade Wildberry pie! Made with a beautiful luscious red, a soft, double weave, tactile fabric, and bean bag beans for comfort, this is one lounger with all the right ingredients. This lounger's unique design provides all types of supportive comfort no matter which position is preferred.

Colour Description

This luscious fabric is a rich, soft red with just enough brightness to make it stand out stylishly without it being overbearingly vibrant. This color adds the perfect amount of splash to any dorm, lounge, playroom or living space.

Fabric Composition & Description

This tactile fabric is multi-layered, with its surface micro-square pattern providing the depth that gives this sofa its superb comfort.

100% Polyester, 660gm weight.


  • 2 x Safety Locking YKK Zips 2 x Safety Locking YKK Zips
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Premium Sofa Weave Premium Sofa Weave

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