• Acoustic Sofa - Eco Weave
  • Acoustic Sofa - Luscious Grey
  • Acoustic Sofa - Sakura Pink
  • Acoustic Sofa - Aubergine Dream
  • Acoustic Sofa - Black Sapphire
  • Acoustic Sofa - Lime Citrus
  • Acoustic Sofa - Blue Jazz
  • Acoustic Sofa - Tundra Spring
  • Acoustic Sofa - Wildberry Deluxe
  • Acoustic Sofa - Hot Chocolate

Acoustic Sofa Bean Bag


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Ambient Lounge® - Acoustic Sofa

Balance, harmony and beauty personify the Acoustic Sofa bean bag. Designed to sit low and wide – the innovative NEW internal elastic system allows superb back/body support and optimum living room comfort.

A beautiful big bean bag in look and feel, the multi-layers of cushioning and Ambi-Spring™ system gently pillow your body whilst still keeping you upright for watching movies, studying, reading etc.

Ambient Lounge® have reached new levels of luxury with this lounger that need to be experienced to be believed. At 80cm, The Acoustic Sofa is much wider and is quilted with thick padding, so that lovers of the feeling of traditional sized bean bags, Lovesacs, Fatboys and oversized bean bags will appreciate this kind of feeling .... but now also love the aesthetics. (We prefer the Acoustic a little underfilled to give that extra element of comfort when you push the beads up)

The Acoustic sofa compliments your relaxed lifestyle and casual & contemporary interiors landscapes.


Colour Description

The Ambient Lounge® Acoustic Sofa Range is made and designed exclusively by our interior design team in a beautiful colour palette that combines depth, aesthetic beauty and tactility. You will notice that our fabrics are available across the Gold Class range to enable mix  and matching products. The Interior fabric choices you have in the acoustic Sofa are custom made in batches for our brand – to exacting specification. There are no other bean bags brands in the world that offer such high class fabrics across beautiful designs.  Select from a combination of classic neutral colours and seasonal brighter colours to accent your interiors

Fabric Composition & Description

There are multiple fabrics used within the Ambient Lounge Acoustic Sofa bean bag range. Each bean bag is quilted and elasticised by multitudes of strategically placed (and achitecturally calculated) points which constitute the Ambient Lounge Ambi-spring system. This is uniquely designed and manufactured by Ambient Lounge to give your bean bag shape, stability, comfort and form. Many of the fabrics (like fine wine with multiple grapes) are made from combination of yarn with polyester, acrylic, cotton and linen.



  • 2 x Safety Locking YKK Zips 2 x Safety Locking YKK Zips
  • Dual bead-filling Funnelweb compartments Dual bead-filling Funnelweb compartments
  • Extra Wide Seating Area Extra Wide Seating Area
  • Funnelweb Bead Filling Kit. Funnelweb Bead Filling Kit.
  • Individually Stitched Fabric Panels Individually Stitched Fabric Panels
  • Internal Elastic Ambi-Spring™ system Internal Elastic Ambi-Spring™ system
  • Multiple Internal elastic points for structured body Multiple Internal elastic points for structured body
  • Thickly Padded Quilting Thickly Padded Quilting

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