Avatar Lounger Bean Bags

Aubergine Dream: It's pure Cinema Paradiso to sit in the Aubergine Dream Avatar Sofa and watch your favorite movies or TV shows any night of the week. Add warmth, style and coziness to your living space with this full body lounger.


Black Sapphire: Men in Black? Black Hawk Down? Black Swan? Pitch Black? Jack Black? Whatever your taste in movies or stars, the Black Sapphire will have you sitting pretty in one of the most stylish home cinema chairs ever made.


Blue Jazz: A new kind of blue to jazz up your home entertainment room or chill out areas. Block yourself out from the mad world and get into this big beautiful blue bean bag to brighten your home living.


Eco Weave: If you want a best-selling fabric thats sophisticated and classic to blend in with any home colour scheme, the choice is only natural. The Eco weave offers deep an rich woven tones and the Avatar Sofa sleek and stable support for years of cinema watching.


Hot Chocolate: Chocolate indulgence in the Cinema is one of life's ultimate little luxuries. Well you can do that every night with the Hot Chocolate Avatar Sofa, blended with subtle gold highlights it takes out the Oscar for sofa design.


Lime Citrus: If you like  'flavour' in your living room, then feast your eyes on this tasty sofa : sure to brighten up your decor. The Lime Citrus is a fabric blend that oozes class & (like a beautiful acress) has curves in all the right places.


Luscious Grey: Soft and sexy fabric that feels so comfy against your skin is why this Ambient Lounge material is one of the two most popular in the range. Shades of grey, internal elastics and firm quitled support make this gold class cinema viewing furniture.


Sakura Pink: You'll be looking and sitting pretty in pink with this new Avatar Sofa with a super cozy premium open weave fabric. Made with thick quilted seating and structured with Ambient Lounge's firm internal elastic system, you'll look rich and feel better than a pop princess.


Tundra Spring: Stark white and beautiful, sitting back and watching your favorite programs on this chair is more fantasy than Game of Thrones. Unlike bean bags of the past, this superb chair won't be "Breaking Bad"; made from premium quality fabric & stitched to perfection.


Wildberry Deluxe: Is your old-school home sofa uncomfortable? Ever wanted the perfect weightless chair designed for watching movies that supports your head, back, butt and legs?  No need to chaise, it's here right now with the Wildberry Avatar Lounger. This movie sofa is Halle Berry good.