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Butterfly Sofa Bean Bags - Butterfly Tundra Spring


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Ambient Lounge® Butterfly Sofa - Tundra Spring

Requires 420 litres of bean filling (recommended purchasing 450 litres then fill to preference)

Like the icy white plains of the Tundra on a crisp spring day, this is an aesthetic beauty with a natural and carefee look. Whilst white in look it's still warm and comforting in feel. This fabric Butterfly sofa is predominantly a white fabric with flecks of black and other neutral tones to add depth to the fabric and allow maintaining and cleaning it more of a breeze. We know that many of you worry about lighter fabrics (even though you love them) so we added a special guard like a 3M scotchguard to the weave that makes it far more durable and resistant to staining. For those that think our Ambient Lounge Eco Weave fabric is a little to cream or "yellow toned" for their household, the Tundra Spring offers a stark white contemporary choice which is suitable to absolutely any environment.

Colour Description

Looks like a cookie cream up close (see swatch for visual reference) this beautiful fabric is predominantly a whit(ish) material with stylish flecks of grey/black and other neutral tones to add depth to the fabric and allow maintaining and cleaning it more of a breeze.

Fabric Composition & Description

Made from a durable hard-wearing fabric that has multi-layer aesthetic qualities and supreme tactility. Added scotch guard equivalent  coating for stain resistance and easier maintenance of a light colour. Don't worry about the light colour, this is suitable for constant wear with commercial design projects, hotels, living rooms and kids playrooms.


  • 2 x Safety Locking YKK Zips 2 x Safety Locking YKK Zips
  • Dual bead-filling Funnelweb compartments Dual bead-filling Funnelweb compartments
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Hand Stitched panelling Hand Stitched panelling
  • Individually Stitched Fabric Panels Individually Stitched Fabric Panels
  • Internal Elastic Ambi-Spring™ system Internal Elastic Ambi-Spring™ system
  • Premium White (grey fleck) Premium White (grey fleck)
  • Thickly Padded Quilting Thickly Padded Quilting

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