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Ambient Lounge® Pet Lounge - Dog Bed (your cat will love it too!)

It's a dog's life indeed! This is a unique dog bed for both Indoor and outdoor use. With the faux fur cover, your dog will snuggle up indoors and revel in the feeling of furry comfort. You can then simply unzip the cover (wash it) and leave your waterproof bead outdoors. Your dog can then do what he/she likes.... It's chew-resistant tough fabric but soft waterproof surface that just scrubs clean. Our internal elastics allows the dog to completely sink in and feel safe and surrounded. 

Dogs love the soft and weightless comforts of bean-filled bedding, so it’s about time that a manufacturer like Ambient Lounge® designed a smart & premium product that truly puts your Canine on Cloud 9. 

This is a far cry from a “standard” or flat cheap dog bed. IIt's a smart, flexible and high quality design. In true Ambient Lounge® Style, before designing our showcase Dog product we analysed the market thoroughly with the consultancy of leading Australian Dog experts, in order to fully understand the characteristics of Dogs. We tested many concepts, identified key needs and ultimately came up with a unique and superior product that caters for the wants of your dog never before.

The end result?

Man's best friend get great sleep and you have a happy pet with easy and convenient care.


Colour Description

For our Ambient Lounge Boutique pet range we picked a dark grey colour for practical reasons (if the pet's hair is shedding or it jumps on the bed very dirty) as well as aesthetics (grey will go with all landscapes of your house). The superb faux fur quality is unrivalled in per furniture and even in human furniture. Dog's love the feeling  and you will love the look. It's so comfy that don't be surprised if a few of your family try and use it too!

Fabric Composition & Description

Outdoor Base: Is made from stylish two-tone interwoven Waterproof and chewproof soft nylon 1200D weight composite bonded with rubberised backing. For breathability and molded comfort the SmartVent™ System has been added under the carry handle. Great for when your dog needs to sleep or rest outside, in the garage, in a kennel or on the balcony.

Faux Fur Cover: Thick and luxurious, this faux fur cover is made from the highest quality so that your pet will be in heaven. Unlike other fake fur products on the markets, the hairs on our cover will rarely come away and provide a very deep base for your animal to sink and surround themselves . The proof of how much your pet will love it is in the sleeping. They absolutely love it. Thousands of happy pets and their owners who already own an Ambient Lounge Pet Lounge worldwide are living proof. The cover zips away so that you may wash and care for it and keep your pet's hygeine at the level they deserve.


  • Carry Handle Carry Handle
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Internal Elastic Ambi-Spring™ system Internal Elastic Ambi-Spring™ system
  • Removable premium faux fur cover Removable premium faux fur cover
  • Smartvent (breathable Air Vent System) Smartvent (breathable Air Vent System)
  • Waterproof & chew resistant base Waterproof & chew resistant base
  • Waterproof Material & Nylon Stitching Waterproof Material & Nylon Stitching
  • Zip & tip system to allow you to fill to personal comfort levels Zip & tip system to allow you to fill to personal comfort levels

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