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Twin Couch Bean Bags - Wildberry


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Ambient Lounge® Twin Couch - Wildberry

When you really want to create a true Gold Class Home Cinema experience, you can’t go past getting a Twin Couch. For something a little more individual than your normal sofa, why not try a Wildberry to add some flavour and extra luxurious comfort to your living space. This bean bag simply zips into two handy seats. With thick quilting and internal spring system, it gives high back support like no other bean bag 2 seater before ... allowing you to sit up and not just lounge down. Just take a good look at the scrolling pictures above. The Wildberry twin is a favorite large bean bag sofa for university students and young professionals who are renting or furnishing their first apartments. It's also perfect for transient people who find themselves moving around often, with lightweight felxible furniture it's so much more manageable. The Wildberry Twin Couch is a sexy and practical alternative to (boring) traditional foam couches.

Colour Description

This fabric is a rich, soft red with just enough brightness to lift it to stand out stylishly without being overbearingly vibrant. See swatch picture for a more visual reference.

Fabric Composition & Description

100% Polyester, 660gm weight

This tactile fabric is multi-layered, with the surface micro-square pattern providing the depth that gives this superb comfort.

The added 2 layers of feature-stitched, thick double-cushioned quilting makes it one of the most comfortable in the range.


  • 2 x Safety Locking YKK Zips 2 x Safety Locking YKK Zips
  • Extra Wide Seating Area Extra Wide Seating Area
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Internal Elastic Ambi-Spring™ system Internal Elastic Ambi-Spring™ system
  • Multiple Internal elastic points for structured body Multiple Internal elastic points for structured body
  • Premium Red Fabric Premium Red Fabric
  • Thickly Padded Quilting Thickly Padded Quilting
  • Zips from double sofa to 2 * single seat bean bags Zips from double sofa to 2 * single seat bean bags

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