• Versa Table - Luscious Grey
  • Versa Table - Aubergine Dream
  • Versa Table - Wildberry Deluxe
  • Versa Table - Tundra Spring
  • Versa Table - Black Sapphire
  • Versa Table - Eco Weave
  • Versa Table - Hot Chocolate
  • Versa Table - Lime Citrus
  • Versa Table - Blue Jazz
  • Versa Table - Sakura Pink

Versa Table Bean Bag


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Ambient Lounge® Versa Table

Chic Café society in look but homely and practical in function, this is the very first steady tabletop beanbag ever made. Fantastic as a casual side table for living room drinks, TV dinners, laptop work-from-home or late night study top with books and notes. It’s also great for a feature piece of furniture with flowers, ornaments or plant life. This truly versatile table allows you to remove the table top double as a spare seat or footrest when you need it.

How it Works?

The lip piping and top material is made of flexible elastic fabric fibres. You simply fit in the table top and clip the lip of the bean bag over the top. The lip piping then hugs the table top firmly (like a pair of underpants that are a size too small for you). Due to having to make it to hug perfectly, it's a tight fit .... But the results are fantastic. A steady and solid table top and when removed ... A great footrest or spare seat.

Note: We recommend removing the table top when not in use - to keep the elastic in best condition.

Colour Description

It is extremely rare - if not non-existant - to find a table with fabric and colour. With the innovative Versa Table, Ambient Lounge ®  have stylishly combined the two, allowing you the versatility to accent any room. The Ambient Lounge® Versa Table Range is made and designed by interior design team in a beautiful colour palette that combines depth, aesthetic beauty and tactility. The multiple Interior fabric choices you have in the Versa Table are custom made for our brand. Select from a combination of classic neutral colours and seasonal brighter colours to accent your interiors. The 5mm acrylic table top can be reversed allowing you to have a beautiful matt or gloss surface. You may remove it to have a soft surface that doubles as a seat.

Fabric Composition & Description

There are multiple fabrics used within the Ambient Lounge®Versa Table Collection. Each table top rim is elasticised a specially designed flexible piping, which holds the acryllic surface and constitutes the Ambient Lounge Ambi-spring system. This is uniquely designed and manufactured by Ambient Lounge to give your bean bag table a symmetrically rounded shape, stability, comfort and form. Many of the fabrics are made from combination of yarn with polyester, acrylic, cotton and linen.  The % breakup of which determines the feel, look and individuality of the fabric.

The high quality table top is not plastic. We pride ourselves on the quality of this top which is 5mm acrylic and has a matt black surface on one side and a gloss black surface on the other. That's true versatility!

Each bean bag table material is designed and chosen so that it looks stunning, is tough and durable as well as being tactile. Ambient Lounge® Versa Tables have been chosen for many large scale commercial projects such as Cafes, Trade Shows, Festivals and Universities as well as residential homes.


  • 5mm Acryllic Table Top 5mm Acryllic Table Top
  • Elastic Top Rim system Elastic Top Rim system
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Internal Elastic Ambi-Spring™ system Internal Elastic Ambi-Spring™ system
  • Premium Sofa Weave Premium Sofa Weave
  • Removable Table Top Removable Table Top
  • Reversable Matt/Glass Premium Table Top Reversable Matt/Glass Premium Table Top
  • Safety Locking YKK Zip Safety Locking YKK Zip
  • Zip & tip system to allow you to fill to personal comfort levels Zip & tip system to allow you to fill to personal comfort levels

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