Satellite Twin Sofa Bean Bags

All Elements products are manufactured with soft, ribbed waterproof materials and are strongly resistant to UV fading. With the easy maintain (spill-proof) surface and breathable vent system, these Elements fabrics are perfect for both interior and outdoor use and also great for kids.

Azurri Blue: A luxury outdoor quilted sofa that will cast you into that happy summer sunday Blue Sky feeling - refresh yourself and recharge everyday on this big blue cloud of cathartic comfort.


Desert Sunset: Like a Broome coastal sunset setting over the horizon this beautiful burnt orange bean bag gives you an all over feeling of inner peace and tranquility. Invoke the spirit of the Australian dreamtime.


Yacht Club Cream: Whether your are sitting dockside in Auckland watching the America's Cup or living like a castaway in the Whitsunday's the Yacht Club Cream is premium lounging fit for an A-lister. Start living the dream on a fraction of the budget with this Satellite Twin Sofa.


Rainforest Retreat: It’s easy being green in the name that says it all – rainforest retreat fabric. It’s a giant cushioned natural oasis for your backyard, balcony, garden pool or decking which blends in beautifully with the Australian outdoors. Beat the heat by getting off your feet.


Carefree Grey: A premium outdoor quilted sofa that will help make those overcast grey days become great days indeed on the balcony - an oasis of comfort for both outdoor or indoors.

Deep Atlantic: When you're feeling all at sea in your day-to-day stresses take a big jump overboard into the ever-calming Deep Atlantic Satellite Twin Sofa. Big enough to fit almost your entire crew, it's padded and luxurious like the QE2.


Earthcore Brown: Feel the "earth" move under your butt with the this super sized Satellite Sofa bean bag. Earthcore Brown is nature at it's finest, with an almost unscuffable surface that is both waterproof and UV fade resistant.



Rising Sun: A big red outdoor sofa that wouldnt look out of place on a W hotel rooftop or a 5-star Bali retreat. The Rising Sun might steal your girl away from family or frolics to give her some much deserved peacetime to unwind.