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Studio Lounger Bean Bags - Acai Merlot


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Ambient Lounge® Studio Lounger - Acai Merlot - Weatherproof

We may not be wine connoisseurs, but we definitely have bean bags down to a science. Quench your thirst for style and comfort with one of these decadent bean bag loungers. Sit back and relax with your favorite libation or book in hand. The Studio Lounger's shape is designed exclusively with comfort in mind. Why have an unattractive blob-like bean bag eyesore lying around your abode when you can get the same bean bag comfort with this stylish design? This sophisticated deep purple color will have all your guests yearning for a taste of luxurious comfort. You do not have to worry about spilling on this outdoor feature piece; the material is stain resistant and weatherproof to accommodate all your debauchery. Mix and match with other element colors and products; grab a set to really make your outdoor or indoor sitting area pop! Give into temptation and find out why this is one fine wine that you need in your outdoor collection.

Colour Description

This is a smart and elegant lilac, softened in tone overall by smaller squares of dark purple fabric interwoven within the  material. From a distance it seems straight lilac but up close tells a different story. See swatch for greater detail. Really beautiful colour and not just for girls either.

Fabric Composition & Description

Super thick (but nice and soft) and fully waterproof nylon 1680D weight material with bonded rubber backing. For breathability and moulded comfort, the SmartVent™ System has been added under the carrying handle.


  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Waterproof Material & Nylon Stitching Waterproof Material & Nylon Stitching

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