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  • Studio Lounger - Mud Cake chocolate

Studio Lounger Bean Bags - Mud Cake Chocolate


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Ambient Lounge® Studio Lounger - Mud Cake Choc. - Weatherproof

Give into the temptation and sink your teeth into this chocolate beauty. Whether you prefer outdoor relaxation or indoor leisure, this chaise lounger’s durable stain and weatherproof material will have you enjoying every setting. Designed with superb back support and bean bag comfort, this chair is made for relaxing after a long, stressful week.  Did someboday say seconds? Pair it up with a second one or add one of our beautiful Mud Cake Chocolate Ottomans.

Colour Description

A deep, chocolaty brown color that will warm any sitting area in which it is placed. Goes great with whites, creams and pinks.

Fabric Composition & Description

Super thick (but nice and soft) and fully waterproof nylon 1680D weight material with bonded rubber backing. For breathability and moulded comfort, the SmartVent™ System has been added under the carrying handle.



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