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Tech Pillow Rest Pad - Lime Citrus


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Ambient Lounge® Tech Pillow - Lime Citrus

The must-have multi-purpose accessory for the tech savvy and the comfort conscious generation. The Tech Pillow snugly fits and protects the iPad 1,2,3 and 4 generations and other brand tables of the same size. Forget using hard, dangerous and inflexible iPad  holders - the special micro bead filing allows you to posiotion your iPad (on any surface) for best viewing angle. It's awesome for the train, the plane, the car or even the desk at home or work. Super versatile, it doubes as a fabulous head rest for your matching Ambient Lounge Citrus Lime bean bag or for long travel journeys. Pack it away in your suitcase. Geek chic!

Colour Description

With multiple tones of green, a shade of black and a minor hint of yellow, this is one multifunctional pillow that will brighten any room. Our team of interior designers created a lime that draws inspiration and sophistication and turns heads without being overbearing. See the swatch image for visual details… you are going to want to see this fabric up close.

Fabric Composition & Description

Made from a durable hard-wearing fabric that has multi-layer aesthetic qualities and supreme tactility.

100% Polyester, 520g/m weight.



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