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Tivoli Lounger Bean Bags - Classico Nero


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Ambient Lounge® Tivoli Sofa - Classico Nero

Get black to the future with the Classico high quality PU fabric combines with modern designer curves to compliment your back and butt and go easy on the eyes too. With the smooth and tactile feel of genuine leather and an affordable priceline the PU, thisis the perfect companion to your living room. Padded with high seating and back support, you will sit and stand with ease and comfort.

Colour Description

The black color of the bonded PU leather allows for a deeper evenness and consistency than a genuine leather product. The Classico Nero is a little darker in appearance than the Embassy Black Fiorenze’s genuine leather, giving it a smooth and sexy contemporary feel. However way you look at it - it's a straight 'night black' color with a matte sheen. If you want to get up close and personal with this bean bag’s material, sneak a peek at the swatches above.

Fabric Composition & Description

Bonded PU leather or reconstituted leather is a term used for partially synthetic leather. It is a synthetic material made of varying types polyurethane that is spread over ground-up leather, mechanically processed to give the appearance and feel of leather, but at reduced cost. Depending on your taste and budget, some people can prefer the look of the bonded leather and find it difficult to tell apart from the genuine leather. We will not be unethical and call bonded leather 'real leather' like some companies out there attempt to do. However, bonded leather also comes in varying qualities and processes. We at Ambient Lounge are very proud of the high quality and soft texture of our 1mm thick bonded leather and the stitching technique that we use to finish this Tivoli product. It's a sound choice for the budget conscious who love leather feel and look.



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