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Zen Lounger Bean Bags - Black Sapphire


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Ambient Lounge Zen Lounger - Black Sapphire

The ultimate Zen pod where you can park yourself into the blackness of the jumbo cushion and forget your blues. The square feature stitching is a designer highlight like a silver lining on your black cloud.. You will fall in love with this super-soft square cushioned bean bag becasue of the difference in fabric and tactility. Quite simply, we use premuim open weave fabrics that make you want to hug your Zen close to your skin on a cold winter's night.  The design of the Zen is just so flexible and versatile - it doesnt take up lots of space in the house but yet you can sprawl out full body to study or sit up straight to watch the TV. The natural colour scheme means it can go just about anywhere and look good. Use it as your reliable crashmat after a long day on your feet.

Colour Description

Every home deserves a black gem like this for everyone to enjoy. This two-tone black fabric has a lighter deep charcoal fiber that takes this black to new depths. The Black Sapphire sits well with any interior piece, just lay out this oversized cushion, throw on a favorite DVD, and enjoy!

Fabric Composition & Description

This has a lovely texture but is a heavyweight and very hard-wearing fabric. It is a two-tone rectangular weave that boasts a slightly lighter black fabric to give it extra depth. A material that is made for high-end sofas, you wont find Black Sapphire's tactile fabric on other ordinary bean bag sofas.

40% Polyester, 35% Acrylic, 25% Cotton, 610g/m weight.



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