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Zen Lounger Bean Bags - Blue Lagoon


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Ambient Lounge Zen Lounger - Blue Lagoon

As you look out the window of your stuffy office and watch the peak hour traffic bank up, close your eyes for a second and imagine your skin feeling warm, a sky that’s blue, your favorite cocktail and the soft lapping of water against the beach.

That’s the feeling you can have every night as you sink into your Blue Lagoon Zen Lounger. With its refreshing sky blue material and white contrast stitching, this beanbag is a feature statement for any living space, balcony, garden or poolside.

The exclusive choice of the Good Vibrations music festival in Australia and the Big Chill Festival in the UK, it’s a beanbag to suit the recovery lifestyle of the Cafe del mar generation.

Colour Description

Dive head first into this beautiful Blue Lagoon Zen Lounger’s comfort.  Made with a stylish metallic blue outdoor fabric it will dazzle your guests as they sip their favorite cocktails poolside.  Double stitching with a black weave gives this versatile lounger unrivaled depth and potential for endless matching possibilities with your other outdoor and indoor pieces.

Fabric Composition & Description

Super thick (but nice and soft) and fully waterproof nylon 1680D weight material with bonded rubber backing. For breathability and moulded comfort, the SmartVent™ System has been added under the carrying handle.



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