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Zen Lounger Bean Bags - Dubai Opulence


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Ambient Lounge Zen Lounger - Dubai Opulence

The Dubai Zen Lounger is an opulent and elegant lounger that’s versatile inside your home and can be packed away easily to save space in your living room. Uniquely feature stitched to match the beautiful golden highlights within the fabric, this bean bag is much more than an oversized comfy cushion.

By simply changing positions you can mould this soft material into so many uses. Fold it in the middle to make a single or double seater couch. Sit on the edges to make a high back traditional bean bag or just slouch out on the ground to immerse yourself in bead,s whilst you watch the LCD screen or snuggle up to read.

The Dubai Zen is for everyone, not just Sultans of Style.

Colour Description

This fabric is made from interwoven fibres that combine two shades of deep chocolate brown with a subliminal yet decadent highlight of metallic gold. This beautiful brown complements most interior colour schemes but blends best with other shades of grey/black, reds and brightly coloured interiors. See the large swatch for a closer look at this fabric’s rich detail.

Fabric Composition & Description

This is a heavyweight, soft and extremely durable open weave fabric. We don't use this word lightly at Ambient Lounge, but this material is stunning.

40% Polyester, 35% Acrylic, 25% Cotton, 610g/m weight.



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