Like (or comment on) our Ambient Lounge Facebook page and Win!

Ambient Lounge are proud to launch the beautiful new Satellite Twin Luxury Sofa in September 2013. Win on now! You can be the first in the world to own an Ambient Lounge Satellite Twin Sofa indoor/outdoor bean bag by simply liking or commenting of our Ambient Lounge Facebook Page during August 2013. Winners will be drawn on September 1.

The advantages of liking our Facebook page won't just be the chance of winning an awesome  prize, periodically there will be special exclusive offers from our distributors in each country which could have you owning one or more of our fantastic bean bag sofas and accessories. You can keep up with our world leading innovation and design.

The Satellite Twin Bean Bag Sofa is uber sized, quilted, fully waterproof and is a revelation in comfort for balcony, poolside, garden, patio contemporary outdoor spaces. It's also such a stunning fabric and colour palate that its suitable to come indoors for playrooms, living rooms and conservatories. With a huge 110cm width and 150cm depth it's big enough for a few people to lounge - but also amazingly comfortable when you want to chill out solo. Who

ever sits on one will want one! 

These Ambient Lounge Satellite Twin Sofas will initially be available in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the UK. European customers may contact the Ambient Lounge UK Office for more details.

The elegant zip side pockets are also a nice touch for waterproof storage and the natural slope allows you to spread out in a cloud of weightless comfort. So jump on our Facebook page during August 2013 and get yourself in the draw to win one.