Germanys love an Ambient Lounge Sitzsack für die Lounge. Truly the 'Porche' of bean bag furniture.

No longer are our bean bags the best kept secret in Germany. Our friends from Berlin to Cologne can purchase Ambient Lounge bean bag furniture (known locally as a sitzsack) online, delivered directly to their homes. Don't expect a big shapeless blob though. Our beanbags are not like a traditional lumbering Sitzsack or a Fatboy. Ambient Lounge designer products have form, style and shape that should be appreciated by Germans who have an eye for quality and engineering. You could say that Ambient Lounge bean bags are the BMW or Porche of the sitzsack world! Products such as the Butterfly Sofa and Twin Couch are made with the finest quality fabrics to look fantastic and perform at the highest level. They have the patented funnelweb filling system and there is nothing truly like them. That's why our product sit in 5 star hotels and designer loft apartments the world over. 

Ambient Lounge Germany are building a new comprehensive multi-lingual website for 2014 that will be on the URL. However, in the meantime you may purchase most of the Ambient Lounge collection via our local distributor's Ambient Lounge sitzsack website. So to all our German friends, please enjoy a beautiful designer Sitzsäcke für die Lounge and order an Ambient Lounge now.