Care & Filling

Filling your bean bag has never been so easy.

No longer will you need to be carting massive bags around shopping centers, spilling bean bag beans all over your lovely home, wrestling with plastic bags and get half the family to help you fill or top up a bean bag. ambient lounge bean bag filling comes in the patented Funnelweb® Zip & Tip bag - delivered in an environmentally friendly re-usable outer transport bag - directly to your door. It's a one person job that's quick, convenient and cheap. See the Zip & Tip system in action below!



With the Funnelweb® system you will never need to spill the beans. The exclusive Funnelweb® Zip & Tip system takes all of the hassle out of filling and emptying ambient lounge (and Funnelweb® compatible) bean bag chairs. In 30 seconds, you zip your inner bag to the bean bag and zip the beads in. The advantages are not limited to convenience - caring for your bean bag cover is also easier. You can empty and clean your cover with one person in a matter of seconds.

The Funnelweb® bag can also be stored INSIDE a filled bean bag for ease and convenience of filling.

As a guide, most ambient lounge standard range bean bags (such as Butterfly Sofa, Acoustic Sofa, Avatar Sofa, Evolution Sofa, Studio Lounger, Conversion Lounger) take around 2 x 6 cu ft. of filling, which can be found in a standard Funnelweb® and transport bag.

ambient lounge Gold Class range (such as Twin Lounger, Satellite Sofa, Contempo Package) take between 4 x 6 cu ft. of filling and all have multiple filling gussets due to the Ambi-spring system.

ambient lounge Ottomans, Pet Lounges and Versa Tables require 1 x 6 cu ft. of filling.

ambient lounge is a pioneering leader of designer bean bag furniture, operating in over 20 countries worldwide. You can be assured to trust our name, quality and service. Please contact us at 877-623-7494 or email us at with any questions. 

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