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What do you think about when you imagine the future of living spaces?

Is it a sculptural form of Kubrick’s ‘Space Odyssey’? Or is it a titanium tray of cocktails floating across to you…navigating through weightless, zero gravity modular lounges & bean bags designed for the pursuit of supreme comfort?

At ambient lounge® we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the future - although from where we’re sitting, our chairs are infinitely more relaxing. That’s because our philosophy is that great furniture design shouldn’t be hard. In fact it should be soft & supportive…following every contour & curve of your body, blending into your home design with tactile, premium fabrics and textures. Which is why we’ve redesigned humble bean bags & dog beds, reimagining them for a brave new world. A world where style & structure are perfectly balanced. A world where interior & outdoor fabrics are as beautiful as they’re sustainable, soft, waterproof and hard wearing. A world where your pets cuddle on their luxury dog & cat beds and sleep peacefully in human comfort. A world where your contemporary home or apartment is a welcoming place.

ambient lounge® doesn't create the bean bag or dog beds from your childhood. Our designer bean bags are objects of beauty globally, bringing resort living into living rooms, patios, and balconies from Tokyo to Santiago. We're redefining home offices and B2B commercial spaces. Our Australian designed, globally distributed brand of luxury bean bag furniture are unequivocally a class above. ambient lounge® believes the future of bean bags is iconic design & blissfully relaxing. The future of home cinema furniture is disruptive, modular, beautiful, and practical. The future of bean bag filling is sustainable and Australian-made. The future of dog beds are luxurious, chew resistant, and hygienic. The future of home accessories is tactile, complimentary, and warm. The future of outdoor bean bags are luxurious but tough enough to leave outside in harsh conditions.

The future is now. ambient lounge® - live in soft luxury

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