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ambient lounge® is an innovative furniture brand that is spearheading a new category of soft furnishing that takes items such as the classic beanbag - recasting it as a serious and structured piece of furniture for the luxury commercial and hospitality markets. Whether you're starting a new business, expanding, or just redecorating, ambient lounge® for business creates commercial concepts & creative solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. Get access to expedited delivery, volume pricing, and design support that will go above and beyond to bring your space to life. ambient lounge® is the soft furniture choice of interior designers, architects & renovators.

rooftop bar

Adding style and elegance to bring a rooftop space to life. Tactile fabrics add comfort and durability for commercial projects. Instantly elevates any project or event and pairs well with various color schemes and other furnishings. 

outdoor cinema events

Using premium ambient lounge® outdoor fabrics for commercial spaces brings bold, vibrant color to fit any theme. Provide comfort for snug cinema viewing and other outdoor community events.  

student/shared accommodations

Modernize unique student accommodation with flexible soft furnishings. Commercial grade tactile interior fabrics create an inviting homely environment for students settling into new surroundings. Easy to move around small spaces, inside dorms, open chill out areas and cinema rooms.   

get in touch

If you would like a free design consultancy with ambient lounge®, we would be happy to work with your commercial project in the US. We offer free fabric swatches and all of our beautiful products are available to interior designers in 3D and concept renders welcome for larger projects.   

work, but make it comfortable

Designer sets by ambient lounge® bring innovative breakout spaces to the work place. Find the right recipe for employee happiness + productivity  with ambient lounge® soft, structured furniture that allows for genuine workplace expression (even a midday workout, power nap, afternoon beer or full-stretch laptop session) within the boundaries of delivering results and impressing high performing peers.

wellness spaces

Create the ultimate, relaxing wellness space with ambient lounge®. Whether a breakout meditation space in the workplace or client seating for a spa or salon, designer sets by ambient lounge® create a beautiful space that cultivates healing, relaxation and peace. 

modular flexibility

ambient lounge’s modular revolution changes the concept of a bean bag into another dimension creating more flexibility and structure. The freedom to change up and customize your own lounge set amplifies the unlimited possibilities. For the everyday user, it adapts to small spaces enhancing DIY projects and creates a fun space for lodges, coworking spaces, and much more.    

poolside relaxation

Designer sets by ambient lounge® bring poolside relaxation, style and sophistication. Elegant smooth fabrics are durable to withstand harsh weather and drinks. Mix and match with different styles and colors to elevate your project.    

custom branded

Whether for an event or a place of business, we offer custom color and branded bean bags suitable for indoor or outdoor use. We've worked with big name brands like Heineken, Vans, Spotify and Nissan to outdoor cinema event companies, wineries and boutique cider and beer brands.     


What do you think about when you imagine the future of living spaces?

At ambient lounge® we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the future - although from where we’re sitting, our chairs are infinitely more relaxing. That’s because our philosophy is that great furniture design shouldn’t be hard. In fact it should be soft & supportive…following every contour & curve of your body, blending into your home design with tactile, premium fabrics and textures. Which is why we’ve redesigned humble bean bags & dog beds, reimagining them for a brave new world. A world where style & structure are perfectly balanced. A world where interior & outdoor fabrics are as beautiful as they’re sustainable, soft, waterproof and hard wearing. A world where your pets cuddle on their luxury dog & cat beds and sleep peacefully in human comfort. A world where your contemporary home or apartment is a welcoming place.

ambient lounge® doesn't create the bean bag or dog beds from your childhood. Our designer bean bags are objects of beauty globally, bringing resort living into living rooms, patios, and balconies from Tokyo to Santiago. We're redefining home offices and B2B commercial spaces. Our Australian designed, globally distributed brand of luxury bean bag furniture are unequivocally a class above.

ambient lounge® believes the future of bean bags is iconic design & blissfully relaxing. The future of home cinema furniture is disruptive, modular, beautiful, and practical. The future of bean bag filling is sustainable and Australian-made. The future of dog beds are luxurious, chew resistant, and hygienic. The future of home accessories is tactile, complimentary, and warm. The future of outdoor bean bags are luxurious but tough enough to leave outside in harsh conditions.

The future is now. ambient lounge® - live in soft luxury

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