Is micro-living the future? Versatile soft furniture for a Big City Lifestyle.

Is micro-living the future? Versatile soft furniture for a Big City Lifestyle.

How much stuff do we really need to be happy? The answer might be less than you think. Daring to be different in design can pay off …just ask owners of Sydney’s new iconic "Tiny Haus”.

Living in an Australian city where homes are close to the most expensive in the world, this young family sought happiness & financial freedom by simply readjusting their scales and priorities. Owner/builder Dan (38) & Marnie Prowse (36) have two small children & thought out of the box for their biggest decision. Marnie elaborates .. "Small space living offers the opportunity of fewer belongings, more time to focus on what's important and the ability to build an architecturally designed home with the quality of finishes we wouldn't have been able to afford had we built a traditional sized home"

Their eye-catching Sydney home has been lauded in Australian design publications and is getting plenty of social attention. Cleverly Designed by Ironbark Architecture and with a stunning pool that is bigger than the home itself … its a contemporary abode that reflects the family’s personality.

"You should think about furniture at the start of the process and what will work where. It's a good idea to mark up your house before you build to get a feel for the space”

Their main furniture choice? After months of research and deliberation they selected four quality ambient lounge pieces as the centre-point of their living. Two Keystone Grey Twin Couches are ideal for the light-filled main room. "The lounges are perfect. They move apart so the girls can play on the rug or we play board games together. sometimes we push the loungers together for a snuggle or sit with friends"

Their beautiful resort-quality outdoor space is what they call their personal oasis. Adorning the pool they have two giant ambient lounge Sunbrella fabric Satellite Sofas thats are perfect for luxury full-body lounging. Flexible, beautiful, tactile and child-safe that compliments their outdoor entertainment area.

And the house? The productive us of every square meter of the 32 square metre "Tinyhaus" is a feature. A triple story bunk bed sleeps both kids as well as a play area below, each bunk looking out over the pool. The master bed tucks neatly into a niche with book racks and storage areas and food producing gardens respecting environmental consciousness.

When inner-city space is at an eye-popping premium, its wise creatively to design your home around the things that really matter to you and your family. Tiny living could be the best decision you make.

All lovely TinyHaus photos taken by Nat at The Palm Co.

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