Southampton University

Southampton University

University dorms aren’t what they used to be!

Now Uni is big business with the more affluent (mainly overseas) students renting out premium apartments in great locations with all the creature comforts of a 5star hotel – while they live away from home. Both parents and students alike now want a vibe that is creative, comfortable and beautiful – and Universities competing for full fee paying students want to create an attractive ambience to win over students with so many choices.

Traditional old-world furniture doesn’t hit the style mark and is often too bulky and inflexible for students’ lifestyles. Enter Ambient Lounge with the designer bean bags of structure, form, beauty and comfort. Interior designers have been enraptured with them due to the quilted premium nature of the product, lightweight and the very affordabale price for the developers. Pictures, results and student feedback speak for themselves.

It’s not just the dorm rooms.

Common spaces benefit too. Southamption University wanted a comfortable and stylish indoor cinema for their movie nights, media projects and presentations but set in a more informal and creative way. The greyscale result is eye catching and the Ambient Lounge Twin Couch's are used to soften the room, create a home feeling and create superior comfort for the viewer. This Ambient Lounge indoor cinema project is to be rolled out to 12 universities in England, Wales and Scotland well as the dorm rooms.

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