Step in. Float out… Inhere meditation pods combine ambient lounge + music, helping London professionals disconnect

Step in. Float out… Inhere meditation pods combine ambient lounge + music, helping London professionals disconnect
For true health & wellbeing, practicing relaxation techniques can be pivotal to happiness. Today’s society is fast paced & digitally perpetual, so switching off during a working day can be very difficult. This is especially the case for city-based London based professionals when (even during lunch breaks) phones can ring, emails still flood through and deadlines loom.
Respite is at hand with these beautifully designed relaxation pods by Inhere. Created by a team of meditation experts & interior designers they are blissful for unwinding and escaping the hustle and bustle of greater London. It’s like visiting a retreat for a few minutes a day - you pop in and replenish your mind and harness your positive energy. Think of it as a conscious powernap that takes you on an internal journey.
An ambient Lounge evolution sofa + ottoman is central to that weightless feeling of the relaxation booths; as professionals sink full-body into the quilted premium loungers. Inhere pods are beautifully designed with tranquil curtains and hardwood Balinese style booths - which helps take you away to a dreamy dimension, so that you can return to work with more energy & productivity.

Inhere Founders Adiba & Ghazal are trained wellbeing professionals with a deepawareness of the benefits and techniques of meditation.

“With our InHere booths, you can experience what it’s like to just stop and listen. You can rest. You can think. You can do whatever it is you need to find absolute stillness away from the incessant noise of London's city."

So successful was their first studio in central London, Inhere have opened a second now in Fitzrovia. They are also planning to take their mobile meditation pods into office spaces. The Ambient Lounge UK projects team are proud to be an integral feature of such a positive living movement.
If you have a meditation, Spa or Yoga studio please contact us at ambient lounge UK for a free design consultancy to see how our structured lounges can work for you. All of our beautiful products are available to interior designers in 3D and concept renders welcome for larger projects. Please call our team at 337-501-1705 or live chat our team for more info.

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